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Dance Paws Padded

Dance Paws Padded

By: Dance Paws


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Product Description

Dance Paws “save your sole”

Dance Paws Padded feature a cushioned sole for extra comfort and are designed to prevent blisters while keeping the clean beautiful line of bare feet.
Ideal for lyrical or modern dance, Dance Paws are kept snugly in place by individual adjustable toe holes with an elastic band, and are made with durable 'powermesh' spandex and synthetic suede. Virtually invisible, Dance Paws shape to your foot, creating a comfortable and secure fit.

On first fit, Dance Paws will feel tight – they’re meant to. They’ll stretch to their final snug fit after about 6 hours of wear. Some dancers wear them for short periods of time until they have stretched out.
We recommend a professional fitting for your best comfort and performance.
The manufacturer's fitting suggestion for women is to begin with street shoe size, men add 2 sizes. (To convert a child's size to adult add two sizes to their street shoe size then follow the manufacturer's suggested guidelines.)
If you have feet on the wider side and are in between sizes, order the larger size. You don’t want your Paws to be too big or they will shift underfoot!
This is a recommendation only, actual sizing may vary.
Putting on your Paws
Gently place the tip of each toe through its hole, grasp the lycra and elastic and pull over the toes.
Continue, releasing the fabric bit by bit as you pull them on all the way. The gentler you are to them when you put them on and take them off, the longer they will last.